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Man Claims He Has Seen A UFO Every Night Over Bakersfield, CA

A witness shared a UFO video reportedly taken in the sky above Rosedale, California. Joseph Guzman said that he saw it every night in the same place. He contacted local CBS affiliate KBAK to seek for help in identifying the aerial object

Guzman explained that he can’t believe nobody else saw what he has been seeing. He said that anybody can see it when they drive down Rosedale, anywhere in Bakersfield and look up at around 7:30 or 7:45 towards Rosedale.
He described the object as unidentified flying object that moves and glows. He said that it had a green and orange light.

california ufos 

KBAK posted the UFO sighting video on Facebook, and it received a lot of responses. President of the Antelope Valley Astronomy Club based in Palmdale, California, Frank Moore, suggested that the UFO is the planet Venus.
But the UFO has its top cut off, which many viewers rule out the possibility of it as the second nearest planet to the sun.
Moore has the explanation saying that some of the images taken by the witness show part of the disc cut off, so it appears flat on one side. Like the moon, Venus goes through phases where several amounts of the disc are illuminated at various times by the sun, Moore continued. He said that the disc of Venus right now is illuminated 70.87%, which is consistent in some of the witness’ images.
Moore also suggested Sirius as a possible explanation for Guzman’s UFO. He said that Sirius often appears to twinkle or change colors as a variable multiple star.
But Guzman doesn’t accept both possibilities. He’s convinced that he spotted a craft of some kind on a nightly basis. Though he’s not convinced it’s an alien, he wants to know the truth. But if in case it is an extraterrestrial, Guzman wants it to come down and have a coffee or something.
Rosedale is on the western outskirts of Bakersfield, a city that has repeatedly been mentionedin the news recently because of its various UFO sightings.

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