martedì 1 luglio 2014

Air Show of Ostia ( Rome) - Amazing UFO sighting massive

Sunday, June 29, 2014. During the Air Show at Ostia, near Rome, a UFO, from the spherical shape has been immortalized in the sky from a witness

 UFO AIR SHOW140 Jun. 30 16.05

The Air Show Host is a very important event that paralyzes the entire town. Several aircraft in the skies of Ostia whizzing perform acrobatic formations. In the show, on Sunday 29th June, also performed several F16 arrived from Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Poland. Obviously also present tricolor arrows. The show is not missed, and apparently even the surprises.
In fact, a UFO, from the spherical shape, suddenly appeared during the flight of an aircraft. Federico  M. has taken in sequence 3 photos directly from your phone. In one of these photos you can clearly see the presence of a UFO near a plane of the Frecce Tricolore during a performance.


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